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I retired from the Police Force in February 2002 at the age of 55years. During my time in the force, I served as an undercover officer on the Regional Crime Squad and set up the present Cheshire Police Paedophile Squad. Prior to joining the Police, I served 11 years in the Royal Navy seeing active service in Borneo at the age of 17.
I live at Winsford in Cheshire with my wife Rose and I work from an office in the house.

I am a full-time freelance writer and author. I have 4 children, Mark who is a Senior Manager with SCS Furniture and owns the Rising Sun Vaults in Earl Street, Crewe. Andrea is a Paramedic and also served in the Royal Navy, her partner is Ian and he is a senior paramedic. She has a son, Willy and lives at Romiley. Paul has moved to Canada and has dual nationality there. He is now married to Michelle and has a daughter Olivia.  Victoria who has spent time as a Blue Coat at Pontins and a Family Entertainer with Thomson Holidays, is now the Advertising Manager with the Adventure Travel and Adventure Bike Rider magazines, she lives with her husband Kevin in Warwickshire, they now have a son, Charlie and a daughter Poppy. 

Rose is my wife and soul mate, she has now retired.

On this site I will give examples of my work.


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