Thoughts on Britain Today

Old people cannot go out safely; yobs from a 'nearby estate' destroy people’s quality of life, health, infrastructure and enjoyment. The senior police Officers wring their hands and say, 'we are working closely with the Community. We are listening to the people. Our youth programmes are working.' 


  'RUBBISH.' What the 'community' WANTS to hear is that van's full of police Officers are rounding them up. Driving straight to a Court where Solicitors have to act for the benefit of society and not the scum in it and Magistrates without mealy mouthed liberal ideas send them straight to a Military detention Centre. There they are forcefully and robustly told that if they offend again they will be sent straight back for at least twice as long. Only then can the long suffering respectable public feel safe from this growing disease of anti-social behavior and criminality. The present fight against terrorism should include urban terrorism and the first things to be swept away should be the current warped and one sided practices prevalent in the Magistrates Courts. If you don’t believe me, go and sit in the public gallery for a day. Remember to take a bucket!

Words such as discipline, patriotism and common sense no longer apply. When will the wheel go full circle? It must do so before it is too late or one day it must surely fall off. Will any politician ever stick his head above the parapet and talk sense with conviction and his party’s full support. The ordinary population is waiting with their votes.

If they don’t, the majority will listen to a leader who say’s what they want to hear, just like they did in Germany 70 years ago!

On damage that the Macphereson Report did to the Police.

The start of the rot in prose!

Oh Lord Macphereson whatever have you done?
The police force we all once loved has just about gone.
You’ve got the Chief Officers shouting at the moon.
There’s racists and sexists in every car and room!

Oh Lord Macphereson whatever will they do?
They want to help and serve as they promised they would do.
Now the troops are running scared, morale so sadly lost.
You were the catalyst must be their riposte!

Oh Lord Macphereson, the Force is in distress!
The sickness rate is through the roof. It is an awful mess.
The staff have all got sore necks. They have to watch their back.
An 'ism' out of place and they're placed upon the rack!

Oh Lord Macphereson when will this ever end?
Lawyers and criminals are every body’s friend.
Not the poor Bobby, he's alone and blue.
He's been branded, nailed and handcuffed and all because of you.

Oh Lord Macphereson here's for you a dare.
Take a look around the world at the way the police are there.
When you carry out this task I’m sure you will discover.
This much maligned and blighted force is still the best on offer.

On Fox Hunting.

Stop making dolphins search for mines, ban hunting, ban circuses,ban experimentation! The list of campaigns against so-called animal cruelty is endless, some justified, some, like the lefties involved, just daft. We are now in Europe and therefore interested in what goes on across Europe, where is the pressure group to get bullfighting stopped?  If there is one, we don't hear much from it.
On a recent visit to Spain I managed to sit through a bullfight on television, it's a national sport in the country and it’s disgraceful. I am not a lefty, nor politically correct, but what I saw sickened me. For those unaware of the game involved, it is for an overdressed poser to taunt and generally take the Mickey out of a young bull. At an opportune moment he sticks a spear into its neck and continues to dance around it. After a while he has got a few spears in its neck and it is covered in blood and petrified, other men get involved and eventually the poser sticks a final spear into the hapless animal killing it. The corpse is then dragged away to cheers from the crowds.
The fight I saw had a bonus because at the beginning of the fight, a man on horseback helped to taunt the bull. The bull managed to drive its long horn's into the horse’s stomach and linked together, both fell writhing to the bloodstained ground. Needless to say, more cheers from the crowd.
Spain like Britain is a civilized and prosperous country; it is behaving like old Rome!
Give me hunting any day, the fox has a chance and is a pest, even allowing the odd beagle to have a fag can't be worse than the legal animal abuse that takes place daily in Spain!