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On this site you will see details of my contributions to Cheshire Life. Somerset LifeSteam World. Backtrack. Used Bike Guide UBG. New Woodworker. Cheshire Police Catalyst. Classiccars magazine, Winsford Chronicle. Middlewich Chronicle. Northwich Chronicle and Chester Chronicle. Together with examples of my published books and some of my current projects. I have also included some musings on life today.
I attended St Wilfrids School Northwich and then served in the Royal Navy and the Cheshire Police.
I have now been voted onto the Society of Authors.
Feedback relating to the old Liverpool Soldier that has been re-published by a UK publisher titled Britain Invaded.
This is a review kindly posted on the Amazon.Com site:-
5.0 out of 5 stars Great WWII fiction!, January 12, 2010
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story revolves around a German officer and his relationship with a British woman. Britain has lost the war against Germany, and most of Europe is under German rule. I won't give away any of the plot, but suffice to say, it has many twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages well into the night. You won't know how it ends until you turn the very last page.

I found it hard to find any faults with this book. It's very well written and researched. If you enjoy WWII history in any way, do yourself a favor and pick it up.
This one on the Amazon.co.uk site:-

4.0 out of 5 stars What if...., 23 Dec 2010
This review is from: Liverpool Soldier now Waffen SS Britain (Paperback)
As a WWII baby, I was brought up under British post-war austerity but with thankful acceptance that the Allies had prevailed against the Nazis and the Japanese.
However,my formative years were clouded by the thought of "what would have happened to us if..."
Paul Hurley's book, Liverpool Soldier, paints a stark picture of a defeated British population waking up to the realisation that all is not quite right in the new Germano-British relationship.
As the book's title suggests, the story is set in post war Liverpool with the narrative focussing on the lives and interactions of the central characters, Ralf (a much decorated and promoted German officer),Felix (his close friend and comrade-in-arms)and Angela Mackin (a British Wren).
Using his knowledge of both the contemporary Liverpool scene and German military units and ranks, the author develops a story line that blends fictional characters with historical figures and facts, taking the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride to a surprising conclusion.
A book to read, enjoy and reflect on....
This is a review of Liverpool Soldier from the main Liverpool Daily:-
They are ordinary patriotic people with ordinary values, nothing fancy. Despite her dislike of the Germans, however, Angela is attracted to Ralf and so unfolds the story of patriotism, heroism, fanaticism, brutality, death and love.
Hurley is strong on detail, having researched the Third Reich. But this book is a nightmare rooted in the imagination.    David Charters article in the
Liverpool Daily Post
Enjoy the site!
Writing as a full time occupation has various facets, newspaper journalism, magazine articles or writing fiction and non-fiction books. In a relatively short time, I have enjoyed a modicum of success in all of these areas. On Boxing Day 1999 I won the prize for having the letter of the week in the Mail on Sunday.
My first magazine article was in the Somerset Life magazine and then in 3 issues of the Cheshire Life magazine. I wrote a 3 parter in the Steam World magazine and staying on the same theme, an article in the Backtrack magazine. The interest in the Railways was a throwback to my childhood days when trainspotting was a national hobby!
My wife Rose was amazed to find herself on the centre fold of the Used Bike Guide UBG and
My book  Liverpool Soldier is a novel based on an alternative history. It is a thriller that looks at Liverpool under the Nazi jackboot. The book is anti-Nazi but most certainly not anti-German. Despite the post war condemnation of Germany, there were many decent and honourable people serving in the German armed forces. They were not Nazis and many lost their lives whilst attempting the overthrow of Hitler and the return of sanity to the country they loved.
I have written a series of 24 children's book titled Police Dog Jake.
I am currently working on my second novel Manna From Hell.I will keep the site updated with any developments in relation to my work.
Life is not a rehersal it should to be enjoyed to the full. So Enjoy It!
Don't let the miserable moaners get you down. There are plenty of them about.
Britain is a beautiful place and we are lucky to live in it.
Middlewich published in May 2009 is a local history book.It looks through the eyes of photographers and the captions penned by myself and recently deceased local historian Brian Curzon at the town of Middlewich in Cheshire. It covers the period from the 1800s to the 1970's. From glum to glam via war and peace!